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I am Josef Berghammer
with my wife Renate

Our idea is living comfortable and wealthy, having a lot of time for us and our loved ones and enough money, about making all our decisions ourselves and without restriction of any kind.

Who wants to have a new future tomorrow, has to act different today.

Life is an exciting adventure, anybody can engage in every day again. Who is always busy to calculate all imponderability and all risks in his thoughts, never will set off, but rather build assumed securities and at the end of life he will lament his missed opportunities. Then it’s too late!

Every human being has more skills than he dares for himself and more possibilities than he can imagine in his boldly dreams. But who don’t take action cannot reach something. Nothing is more baring us reaching our goals than fear to have to give up assumed securities.


Who cannot decide has to
accept the consequences
of decisions which are
made by other people